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KENYA UPDATE : I wanted to once again say thank you
KENYA UPDATE: I wanted to once again thank Trudy Jones for her support of Children in Mombasa Kenya. Two weeks ago she sponsored the annual tuition for 10 elementary school children. A week ago she bought them each a pair of shoes. Now she has bought each one a school uniform. Thank you Trudy for...
Logging in to Youth Funder
Logging in to Youth Funder   Check out this video on what to expect when you log into Youth Funder.  
2 Ways to Share Your Donation Campaign
There are 2 ways to share your donation campaign   1. Through the Donation Page You can share your donation campaign. Log in. From your Dashboard click your donation campaign.     Select one of the share options: Email, Facebook, Text Message (SMS), etc.     2. Through your individualized¬† profile You can share your...
Set Up Your Profile In 4 Easy Steps
Set Up Your Profile In 4 Easy Steps Youth Funder allows youth organizations to have fundraising campaigns online. The youth can set up profiles and share their profiles through Facebook and email to raise donations. Adult organizers can keep track of how much each youth in their organization raises. Each youth can set an individual...