Youth Excellence Awards

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Traditionally youth in our community are recognized for their scholastic achievement as graduating seniors. They receive awards and scholarships as they leave high school and enter an institute of higher learner. Times have changed. The social climate has changed, and we need to find ways to keep our youth motivated long before they’ve reached their senior year.  The Youth Excellence Awards aims to do that.

The Youth Excellence Awards are awarded twice a year, and is aimed at recognizing those youth in the community that demonstrate excellence in academia and community involvement. The awards come in the form kids understand, cash and prizes. It highlights youth from grades 4 through 10. The number of awards given is based on the amount of money raise and anywhere from $100 to $500.

Note: The entire application process is done online. You cannot save a partial application and come back to finish it later. It’s best to download the application, print it out, and get it filled out by hand. Then use the printed out application to help you quickly fill out the online application.  We are not currently accepting applications.

*Application should be completed using Chrome browser*

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