Dorian Relief Update #2

Thank you for all your donations

Hurricane Dorian Relief

Thanks to your donations we were able to send a second round of supplies over to Grand Bahama. On Thursday Sept 12 we carried over 2 pallets containing approximately $1300 worth of supplies. This was a 2 day process. It starts with loading the pallets with supplies the day before departure. Then on the departure day we head out of Fort Lauderdale and arrive in Freeport Harbor after 3.5 hours. Then the fours hour of clearing the pallets through customs. And finally the 4 hour boat ride back home. It was a long day. But it was worth every minute.

What did you send:

  • Battery operated Lanterns
  • Feminine Products
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Water
  • Canned Meats
  • Bread
  • Peanut Butter
  • Cleaning Products
  • Paper Products
  • Garbage Bags
  • Wipes
  • And more…
Found the last pallet

Found the last pallet


We were able to carve out about 25 minutes to see some of the damage that Dorian caused on the Island.

Homes have to be gutted due to flood damage

Homes have to be gutted due to flood damage

Hawksbill Neighborhood Storm Damage

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