Set Up Your Profile In 4 Easy Steps

Set Up Your Profile In 4 Easy Steps

Youth Funder allows youth organizations to have fundraising campaigns online. Where as, the youth can set up profiles and share them through Facebook and email to raise donations. Adult organizers can keep track of how much each youth in their organization raises. Each youth can set an individual goal which contributes to the overall donation goal of the campaign.

1. Login in to

  • You should be re directed to your profile after login. If not then, click Profile in the upper right of the webpage.

2. Click Edit Profile and upload a profile picture and a background picture.

3. Fill in a tag line, about me, and Set a Goal

4. Start Sharing!

And it’s that easy.  Once your profile is set up you can start sharing your individualized donation campaign with friends, family, and the world.  Just click the Email, Facebook,  or SMS (Text) icons on your profile to share

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